Transition interview

Leaving the military is typically a big change for you and your family. Schedule a transition interview to learn how we can help you make a successful move to civilian life.

About this program

The first step in helping you get ready to leave the military is our transition interview.  We recommend that you have a transition interview early in your release process to help you and your family identify any needs you may have ahead of time.

At the transition interview, you will learn about the right services and benefits for you and your family. We will also answer any questions you have about your transition to post-service life.

Do you qualify?

Transition interviews are available to all CAF members (regular and reserve) who have started, or are planning to start the release process.

We suggest you schedule an interview as early as possible in your release process. Your family is also encouraged to attend, if possible.

How to apply

There is no application form to request a transition interview.

To schedule an interview, visit the staff at any VAC office or Transition Centre or call us at 1-866-522-2122.

Additional information

Find out more

During a transition interview, we will be able to provide information on programs and services available to you and your family including:

  • support to determine your rehabilitation needs;
  • advice and guidance on applying for VAC programs, including disability benefits;
  • referrals to a VAC or CAF case manager; and
  • referrals to other community service providers you may need.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it mandatory that my family attend the transition interview?

Your family is among the best support you will have as you transition from military service. It is strongly recommended that your family attend the transition interview, but it is not mandatory.

I have already left the military. Is it too late for a transition interview?

We recommend that you have your transition interview as early as possible during your transition. However, if you feel a transition interview could be helpful, contact us and we may be able to provide one to you.