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Educational assistance for children

The cost of post-secondary education can be a financial burden. If you are the child of a deceased Veteran or Canadian Armed Forces member, you may qualify for funding to help with those costs.

About this program

Educational assistance for children provides tax-free financial support to a student enrolled in a full-time post-secondary education program. We can provide this funding for up to four calendar years or 36 academic months, whichever comes first.

Educational assistance includes costs such as:

  • tuition
  • registration fees
  • exam fees
  • student activity fees
  • lab, field or activity course fees
  • instrument rentals
  • library fees
  • information technology fees

The funding also includes a basic monthly allowance. We adjust the allowance annually based on the cost of living index.

Do you qualify?

As the child of a deceased Veteran or Canadian Armed Forces member you should apply for Educational assistance if your parent:

  • died as a result of their military service, or
  • when they died, they were receiving a disability benefit, assessed at 48% or more.

Age limits

You must enter into a full-time educational program prior to your 25th birthday. This assistance can only be provided until the academic year in which you turn 30 years old.

How to apply

We recommend that you make an application before the start of your academic year since this assistance is only available from the date of your application.

Mail or in person

Download the application form. Then, drop it off at a VAC office. You can also mail your completed form directly to the address listed on the form.

Go to form

Get help with your application

The staff at any VAC office or Transition Centre (TC) can assist you, or call us at 1-866-522-2122.

Additional information

Find out more

This funding can only continue while you remain in a full-time course of study.

You must also re-apply each year to confirm that you are continuing in your full-time program.

Related programs

Income Replacement Benefit for survivors and children: A monthly payment for eligible survivors and orphans of a deceased CAF member or Veteran.

Frequently asked questions

Does VAC send me money directly?

The basic monthly allowance is provided directly to you. For costs related to your post-secondary education we will send money to the academic institution or to you.

I received a scholarship from my university. Will that affect how much I receive through the Educational Assistance program?

If your scholarship, award, grant or bursary is paid directly to your institution of study, it will be applied against your total tuition fees, reducing the costs that VAC covers. Your monthly allowance, however, will not be reduced.

If I take time off from school, can I reapply to this program when I return?

Yes, but you can only reapply if you are under the age of 30.

If I apply for the benefit and get declined, can I appeal?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with a decision you may apply in writing for a review. Learn more about your review and appeal options.

Are there policies for this program?

Yes. Read more about the Educational Assistance policies.