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Peer support

Are you suffering from an operational stress injury due to your service? There is a community around you that understands and is available to offer you support.

Peer support for military

The Operational Stress Injury Social Support (OSISS) is a peer support network for CAF members, Veterans and their families experiencing an operational stress injury (OSI). Contact a Coordinator by visiting the OSISS website.

Go to the OSISS website

Peer support for RCMP

The Support for Operational Stress Injury (SOSI) program is a national peer support network for any Veteran or current member (regular or civilian) of the RCMP having difficulty with daily life as a result of their service. The program will connect you to an understanding ear, a supportive community of people with similar experiences, and effective resources to help. Support. Connection. Resilience.

Go to the SOSI website

Related programs

Talk to a professional now - This free and confidential service, available 24/7, provides psychological support to Veterans, their families, and caregivers.

OSISS family support - There is a community around you that is going through what you are right now.

Assessment and treatment - Find services that provide support for a mental health condition, such as an operational stress injury.