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The Bond of Friendship Lives on Forever

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The Bond of Friendship Lives on Forever

It’s definitely quite a bond, sometimes I think oh it’s not such a thing but then I’ll, I went on a “Soldier On” event two or three years ago now and it was only a weeklong event. I hadn’t been around a lot of military people for a while and I went and within, it was just like when you go on course, training course in the military within two or three days I had four friends that I know I am going to be friends for the rest of my life now, right, there just is that instant bond that you recognize in one another or what have you but you pick up on it. I know I have a friend here in Charlottetown now that went through Afghanistan pretty severely injured from that but him and I are best friends now but we didn’t deploy together, we just kind of came through the social network of PEI and met one another but now we’re going to be buddies for the rest of our lives. So it is that common, I guess shared experience and you know when you’re in a tent for six months everybody’s got to live with it right, everybody is going through some of the same things so you find your common ground. And it’s good on the other side too because there’s guys coming out of the military so we try to look out for each other as we can, not as much as we could I think sometimes but it’s definitely there. I know a buddy of mine in Vancouver who was going through some struggles and, you know, he says now I got a guy in PEI helping out a guy in Vancouver. You know, it’s the technological age but we’re still there for each other right.

Mr. Lord shares his experiences in connecting with fellow soldiers and the special friendship that remains for a lifetime.

Justin Lord

Mr. Justin Lord was born in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island July 10, 1980. As a teenager he and his family moved to the town of Souris. Before attending university, Mr. Lord made the decision to join the Reserves. With encouragement from his cousin, he joined the 721 Communications regiment as a reservist and worked weekends while attending school. Mr. Lord completed basic training in Kingston, Ontario and experienced varied opportunities with the military. At age 23, he was given the opportunity to join the Royal 22nd Regiment Operation Athena Roto 1 with the regular force deploying to Afghanistan for a six month term in the Communication field holding rank of corporal. Returning home, Mr. Lord continued on as a reservist but his career path took a turn and in 2007 he sought employment with the Federal Government and now resides in Prince Edward Island with his family.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
January 9, 2017
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Justin Lord
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