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Gained More Than I Have Lost!

Heroes Remember

Gained More Than I Have Lost!

Interviewer: So looking back on the service that you did provide, what did you learn from your experiences? That’s a big question. We learned a lot I guess. I guess you learn that you can probably do a lot more than you ever think you can do. I remember I think Price was the guy’s last name and he was training us in Wainwright and we were going out on this training exercise and he thought, he’s like, “Oh we are going to be out there five or six days, you’re not going to get any sleep, you know, you’ll get through it!” I was like, ya can’t stay awake for five days! But you figure it out and you drag yourself through it. You get pushed to those limits and I guess that’s something I have always carried with me too, right, you know, I push myself and I think I can’t move forward on something or I can’t work any harder but I always have that voice in the back of my head that’s like oh yes you can, you still got more left, you can push through it. There is a lot of things that you learn but that’s a big one I think. A friend of mine, everything is 50/50 right? You can’t gain without losing and you can’t lose without gaining and I definitely think I have gained as much or more as I’ve lost from anything I’ve done with it.

Mr. Lord speaks about what he learned from being a part of the military.

Justin Lord

Mr. Justin Lord was born in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island July 10, 1980. As a teenager he and his family moved to the town of Souris. Before attending university, Mr. Lord made the decision to join the Reserves. With encouragement from his cousin, he joined the 721 Communications regiment as a reservist and worked weekends while attending school. Mr. Lord completed basic training in Kingston, Ontario and experienced varied opportunities with the military. At age 23, he was given the opportunity to join the Royal 22nd Regiment Operation Athena Roto 1 with the regular force deploying to Afghanistan for a six month term in the Communication field holding rank of corporal. Returning home, Mr. Lord continued on as a reservist but his career path took a turn and in 2007 he sought employment with the Federal Government and now resides in Prince Edward Island with his family.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
February 27, 2017
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Justin Lord
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Canadian Armed Forces

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