Additional information

You can view proactive disclosure for all Government of Canada institutions, including the following disclosures:

Government contracts awarded

Browse information on contracts over $10,000 by department and amount, as well as standing offer agreements and supply arrangements used by government departments.

Grants and contributions

Transfers of money, goods, services or assets to individuals, organizations or other levels of government

Government position reclassifications

Search by position and department to see what government positions have been reclassified.

Government travel expenses

Search by function and department to see where the government’s travel dollars are being spent.

Government hospitality expenses

Find out what your government is spending to facilitate the business of the day, or to extend courtesy to honoured guests.

Wrongdoing in the workplace

Read information on acts of wrongdoing found to have been committed by government officials as a result of a disclosure made under the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act.

T1204 – Government services contract payments

In order to align with green initiatives, VAC will no longer be providing a copy of the T1204 slip to contractors. In order to continue meeting the Canada Revenue Agency requirements, VAC will continue reporting the T1204 slip information to Canada Revenue Agency. Please contact the Canada Revenue Agency for any general questions about T1204 filing.