Mental health and wellness

Supports, online resources, and mobile apps to improve well-being for releasing and former members of the CAF or RCMP, family members and caregivers.


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Talk to a professional now

If you are in need of psychological support, please reach out. Get support now from a mental health professional by calling 1-800-268-7708. You are not alone.

The VAC Assistance Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to all Veterans, former RCMP members, families, and caregivers.

Read more about the VAC Assistance Service

Understanding mental health

A wide range of mental health resources and information for you and your family, including information about PTSD.

Compensation for illness or injury

Financial payment for a service-related illness or injury.

Military sexual trauma

If you experienced sexual misconduct during service, resources are available to support you.

Assessment and treatment

Services that provide support for a mental health condition, such as an operational stress injury.

Emergency funds

Help when you may be facing a financial crisis or emergency.

Talk to someone who can relate

There are peer support networks for members or Veterans of the CAF or the RCMP living with an operational stress injury (OSI).

Veteran Family Program

When medically releasing, a Veteran Family Program coordinator helps identify your family’s needs and plan a successful transition.

Rehabilitation Services

Treatment and therapies to overcome or cope with a service-related illness or injury.

Mental Health Benefits

Canadian Armed Forces Veterans applying for a disability benefit for certain mental health conditions will now receive immediate mental health coverage.

Mental Health Benefits coverage includes treatment for service-related mental health conditions such as anxiety and depressive disorders, or trauma-and-stressor-related disorders. It also includes related prescription drugs and mental health services like examinations and treatment by psychologists, counsellors, social workers, or other mental health professionals.

Resources and online supports

Access support for the well-being of Veterans, their families and caregivers


An online mental and physical health information and support resource to Veterans and their families.

Wellness Together Canada

Free virtual mental health and substance use support for all people across Canada. They also provide immediate crisis support when you text WELLNESS to 741741.

Atlas Institute for Veterans and Families

The virtual hub for information and resources on Veteran-specific mental health treatment.

Homelessness support

For support with a Veteran at risk of homelessness, you are encouraged to contact VAC, one of the organizations on the map, or the VAC Assistance Service.

Speak to a Chaplain

Spiritual support for challenges when transitioning to post-service life, or deal with the loss of a loved one. Bereavement support is also available through the VAC Assistance Service.

Mobile apps

Download these helpful free resources to learn about mental health symptoms and self-management or connect to VAC services.

PTSD Coach Canada

Learn about and manage symptoms that can occur after trauma.

OSI Connect

Mental health learning and self-management mobile app developed to help patients and families understand the nature of operational stress injuries (OSIs).