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Partners' educational resources

Veterans Affairs Canada supports organizations in creating learning resources through our Commemorative Partnership Program.

Here are some projects we have helped fund. Explore them to find creative learning resources for your classroom:

Pathway to the stars: Tales of rescue podcast series

Royal Canadian Air Force members have a long and proud history of taking part in military search and rescue operations. This project celebrates their great courage and devotion to duty. Stories are based on actual events from a century of history in the RCAF. Some episodes focus on contributions of women, people of colour and other underrepresented groups. They feature performers reenacting challenging search and rescue missions. These podcasts are available on the RCAF’s Foundation’s website, Spotify, Google and Apple. Each episode is about 20 minutes long.

Bravery In Arms: D-Day Dodgers of Canada video (bilingual)

Veteran and war artist Roger Chabot created and produced this video documentary series. D-Day Dodgers of Canada tells the story of the Italian Campaign. It highlights the courage and sacrifice of the brave Canadians who served there during the Second World War. Episodes are 20-30 minutes and available in English or French. You can view them on YouTube.

Black Canadian Veterans stories (most content available in English only)

Explore the stories of Black Canadian Veterans across military history. You will find written profiles, photographs, historical articles, interviews and videos. For more material, check out Black Canadian Veterans on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

Canadian Peacekeeping Veterans anthology (bilingual)

2023 is the 75th anniversary of United Nations Peacekeeping. 2023 is also the 35th anniversary of the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to UN Peacekeepers. Mark these milestones by learning about Canadian peacekeepers’ stories through the Canadian Peacekeeping Veterans Association’s PK75 anthology. It includes overviews of some Canadian peacekeeping roles and missions, and stories and photos of some 100 Veterans. You can download the anthology in PDF format.

Project ’44: The Road to Liberation interactive map  (bilingual)

Follow Canadians on the Second World War’s Western Front on an  interactive map. From D-Day to liberation, students can learn when and where regiments moved on the frontline. They can read excerpts from war diaries and see rare historical photos. The Canadian Research and Mapping Association’s other Forgotten Fronts educational projects show  Canadians’ paths during other conflicts. Learn more about Canada’s Homefront, the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, the Battle of Hong Kong, the Dieppe Raid and the Italian Campaign. (Some of these materials are available in English only).

Gino: A child of war (English only)

Students will learn about the impact of war on soldiers and civilians through a story about an orphan, Gino. Canadian soldiers looked after him during the Italian Campaign in Second World War. Combined Forces and the Wartime Friends Association produced this project, which is made up of three components:

Remembrance Day challenge kit (English only)

This Remembrance Day challenge kit helps students gain a deeper understanding of Remembrance Day. They are encouraged to reimagine how they honour all who have and continue to serve. I-Think produced this 6-week learning experience. Students are challenged to consider what school Remembrance Day events could look like to be more relevant and meaningful to a young, diverse audience. The kit includes:

  • materials and learning for teachers
  • real-world problem solving resources for students
  • video interviews with Veterans and those affected by war and conflict
  • guided reflective practices help students put learning into action

Memory Anchor virtual tours (English only)

Visit Canadian memorials and cemeteries around the world from your classroom through Memory Anchor Explorer. This app provides 3D virtual tours of iconic cemeteries and memorials. Students can explore important commemorative sites and view enhanced content, including photos and biographies of those who served. Veterans Affairs Canada helped digitally preserve some Canadian commemorative sites. These memorials honour Indigenous Veterans, Canadian peacekeepers and those who served during the Korean War. Available through the iOS App store or on Apps on Google Play.

Vimy inspires tomorrow leadership program  (bilingual)

History education meets leadership education in this program for youth aged 13-17. There are six activities drawing on First World War history. Youth will learn lessons from historical leadership and apply them as young leaders. Students can complete the activities virtually or in person. Each activity takes 45 to 90 minutes. Youth can go on to submit a community project proposal for a chance to participate in additional leadership training. They can earn a $1,500 project grant to help them achieve their community goals. Materials include a facilitator’s guide and modules of activity background material and worksheets.

Vimy–The digital pilgrimage (bilingual)

The Vimy digital pilgrimage is a virtual space of remembrance. It contains testimonies from the First World War to the Canada’s Mission in Afghanistan. This immersive project uses a story-based approach and advanced 2.5D animations. Virtual visitors will discover the Canadian National Vimy Memorial and learn the deep meaning behind its powerful design. They will also learn about the lasting legacy of those who have served Canada in uniform. View audio, video and written content as a class. You can also encourage students to explore on their own.

Vimy: A living memorial–The expedition (bilingual)

The Vimy Expedition mobile app brings the rich historical context of the Canadian National Vimy Memorial site to life. Students will explore history through geo-located stories, images and sound. They will learn the history of the site and hear stories about the soldiers, nurses and artists who were there. It is available through the iOS App store or Apps on Google Play. Users in Canada can download the app or access the desktop version.

Vimy: Beyond the Ridge podcast  (bilingual)

Explore the lasting legacy of the First World War and how it continues to shape the Canadian experience today. Podcasts are available in English only and in French only. Consult the website for more information. Podcasts cover these topics:

  • Season one: war and the environment, women at war and the 1918-1919 pandemic
  • Season two: Canada’s Jewish, Black, Japanese, Punjab, First Nations and Ukrainian communities experiences
  • Season three: unique and interesting approaches to the First World War. It is scheduled for release in November 2023
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