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Guest Speakers

Looking for a Veteran or Canadian Forces member to speak at your school or community group? There is no better way to help young people understand what it is like to serve in the cause of peace and freedom than to hear from someone who has done so personally. While Veterans Affairs Canada does not directly arrange these visits, there are a number of options available to you.

  • Historica Canada's Memory Project Speakers Bureau is a national, bilingual program that arranges for Veterans and Canadian Forces members to visit schools and community groups year-round to share their stories of serving Canada.
  • The Department of National Defence has a National Veterans' Week Speakers Program each fall that arranges for Canadian Forces members to visit schools to talk about their experiences in uniform. You could also try contacting your town's armoury to see if any local Canadian Forces members are available for speaking engagements with young people.
  • Your local branch of the Royal Canadian Legion may be able to connect you with local Veterans who are available for speaking engagements with youth.

If you are unable to arrange for a guest speaker to come in person, consider showing a Veteran interview video. Veterans Affairs Canada's 'Heroes Remember' collection features a searchable database with a wide selection of on-line interviews with Veterans from across Canada. You may find an interview with a Veteran from your own province!

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