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Lesson Plan: Canadian Armed Forces in Afghanistan Fact Quest


To increase youth awareness of Canadian Armed Forces efforts in Afghanistan.


Youth will:

  • demonstrate a basic understanding of the Canadian Armed Forces efforts in Afghanistan;
  • gain an appreciation of the challenges faced by the Canadian Armed Forces members who served in Afghanistan; and
  • develop an awareness of the importance of remembering the sacrifices and achievements of Canadian Armed Forces Veterans.

Target Audience

This activity is suitable for ages 15 to 18.

Sequence of Events and Anticipated Time Frame [70 minutes]

(This activity can be modified to fit available time.)

  • Introductory Discussion [15 minutes]
  • Research [20 minutes]
  • Debrief [20 minutes]
  • Wrap-up Discussion [15 minutes]
  • Possible Extension Activity [variable]


Introductory Discussion [15 minutes]

Brainstorm about the various roles of the Canadian Armed Forces. Are they aware of any military or humanitarian efforts by the Canadian Armed Forces in Canada or abroad? What do they know about Canada’s efforts in Afghanistan? You may wish to record their responses in a thought web.

Our country’s efforts in Afghanistan were challenging and took a heavy toll, but Canada has done much to help rebuild the country and assist the people there through projects like improving access to healthcare, offering humanitarian aid and building schools, roads and dams. You can find a wealth of information on the Canada in Afghanistan website.

Share that March 2014 marked the end of the mission and the return of the last Canadian troops. Talk about why it is important to recognize, remember and say thank you to those Canadians who bravely served in Afghanistan.

Research [20 minutes]

Distribute the Canada Remembers the Canadian Armed Forces in Afghanistan information sheet and the question sheet. Have everyone read the information sheet and answer the questions. Tell them that they will be called on to share what they have learned. They should also locate Afghanistan on a map during this phase of the activity.

Debrief [20 minutes]

Ask them to identify Afghanistan on the world map and lead a debrief of the answers they found for the questions. Take the opportunity to see if anyone has family or neighbours who may have served in Afghanistan. They can also share their personal thoughts on Canada’s military efforts in that region.

Wrap-up Discussion [15 minutes]

Ask them to reflect on the following statement:

Canadian Armed Forces members have made many contributions and sacrificed much in the pursuit of international peace and security. These men and women take their honoured place in our country’s military history beside their fellow Veterans and fallen comrades of Canada’s earlier war efforts. Their commitment has earned Canada a worldwide reputation as a country that supports and protects peace.

Then lead a discussion based on the following questions:

  • How do you think the experiences of Canadian Armed Forces members in Afghanistan compare to those of Canadians who served during the First and Second World Wars and the Korean War? How were they the same? How were they different?
  • What impact do you think Canada’s efforts in Afghanistan has made on how we think about our country’s military?

You may conclude this activity by showing the Rememembrance Moments – Afghanistan video [2:21 minutes]

Possible Extension Activity [variable]

Inviting a Canadian Armed Forces Veteran who served in Afghanistan to be a guest speaker would be an exceptional opportunity to learn first-hand what it was like to serve in the cause of peace and freedom there. For more information visit the Memory Project Speakers Bureau website.

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