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Handcuffed to a Mailbag!

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Handcuffed to a Mailbag!

It was the time of no internet, no Facebook, no instant tweets and instant communications. None of that, everything, we relied on mail. And the first mailbags didn’t get there until I guess a month and a half or two months after we’d left and we complained. We called the headquarters here and they said, “Well, the mail went, you know, a month and a half ago, why haven’t you got it.” And the Admiral called me back and said, “I have solved the problem Dusty, the next bag of mail I have handcuffed a petty officer to it and we are going to find out exactly where it goes before it gets to you. And he was handcuffed to the mailbag when he actually arrived in Bahrain and he said, “You won’t believe where I have been with this mailbag.” I mean, he had been aboard one of the US aircraft carriers in the central Gulf and then flown to Bahrain and then figured out that we would send helicopters in to get the mail and on it went. There were challenges every second out there.

Because of problems with mail delivery Vice Admiral tells a humorous story of how a petty officer was handcuffed to the mailbag ensuring that it would arrive to the sailors on board ship.

Duncan “Dusty” Miller

Born in the United Kingdom, Duncan “Dusty” Miller immigrated to Canada in 1954. At the age of 15 and having a strong desire to join the military, Mr. Miller went to the recruiting centre but could not be accepted until 16 years of age. He then attended Bishop’s University in Lennoxville. During his career, Mr. Miller rose to the rank of Vice Admiral where he became the Naval Task Commander aboard HMCS Athabaskan during the Persian Gulf War. Vice Admiral Miller later retired from the military and now resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
February 26, 2016
Person Interviewed:
Duncan “Dusty” Miller
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Canadian Armed Forces
Persian Gulf
Gulf War
HMCS Athabascan

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