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Passing the torch - Invictus Games Team Canada captains

Invictus Games

Passing the torch - Invictus Games Team Canada captains

[Natacha] : Hi, my name is Natacha Dupuis, co-captain of last years’ Invictus Games Team Canada. And here we have Rob, which is the new Captain of Team Canada 2018. Hi Rob. [Rob] : Hi, how are you doing Natacha? [Natacha] : Good, thank you! Yourself? [Rob] : Very good. [Natacha] : How does it feel to have the team announced and to have been named as the Captain of the team? [Rob] : It feels amazing. Everybody is obviously very energized and charged. We go from the conceptual idea of being on Team Canada and going to the Invictus Games 2018 to now it’s all real. So, it’s a fantastic feeling. [Natacha] : That’s right. And what sport will you be competing in? [Rob] : I’ll be competing in the power lifting event and also the indoor rowing event, which I understand is one of your sports. [Natacha] : That’s right and I know how hard it is. So, I certainly wish you great training and to perform well at the Games. On my behalf, good luck and I am sure you will be a great leader for the team and all the best to you and to the teams. [Rob] : Oh, thank you so much, Natacha. Yeah, I really appreciate it [Both] : Thank you! A message from the government of Canada.

Last year’s Invictus Games 2017 Team Canada co-captain Natacha Dupuis speaks with this year’s captain Rob Hicks at the recent training camp in Halifax ahead of the 2018 games.

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September 13, 2018

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