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Trevor Vautour - Warrior Games athlete

Warrior Games

Trevor Vautour - Warrior Games athlete

I am back with the family I lost. So my name is Trevor Vautour, retired Master Corporal from the Canadian Special Operations Regiment. Trevor released from the military in February and felt the loss of his brothers and sisters in arms. Being selected for Team Canada changed all that. We all have similarities – things that we’ve gone through that we can relate to and it’s just… it’s heartwarming, for one thing, and it’s easy to vent to these guys; it’s easy to talk about our injuries because we know that nobody here is going to judge us at all. Trevor has lived through some traumatic experiences both at home and with the military. Learning how to heal helps when you are surrounded by people who understand. Here we’re all on a common ground and everybody is working together to make us basically to feel like that… that soldier that we were before our injury. Like it’s remarkable the healing power that’s actually happening here, and it’s only been two days. Family is everything to Trevor and he works hard for them. By coming here to the Warrior Games or just being able to come to this event in general, it’s giving me the opportunity to internally heal and, therefore, when I go back home, I can be a better father, I can be a better husband as well, and that’s… that’s… those are my two big key things that I want to be is a better, more attentive husband, and a better father to my kids and stuff like that. The team Canada family is bonding and getting ready for Tampa. It’s not so much about the medals – it’s not even about the medals right now. It’d be great if we all come back with gold, silver or bronze, but that’s not what the aim here – not for Team Canada -- Team Canada right now is looking at creating this network; this family; and everybody’s laughing, having fun, and that’s all that matters right now… and building that competitive fire inside of us. And right now, after two days, I can guarantee you talk to anybody right now and they all have that fire. Go Team Canada go! We will be cheering you on June 21-30 at the Warrior Games! A message from the Government of Canada.

Meet Master Corporal (ret’d) Trevor Vautour, a Team Canada athlete competing in indoor rowing, track, wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby. Hear what he has to say about what his family and his CAF family means to him.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
June 19, 2019

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