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Invictus Games 2018: Dean Irvine

Invictus Games

Invictus Games 2018: Dean Irvine

SERGEANT (RET’D) DEAN IRVINE (Team Canada Member): Hi, I’m Dean. I just played all my sports today in the Invictus Games. It was actually really kind of cool because for my whole journey it really came together today for me between power lifting and rugby. I’m pretty excited that my family was able to attend and be with me the whole time. Having the crowds cheer for myself and, I think, for Team Unconquered was really, really cool. What was neat is where the other teams would branch off and they’d kind of make it even grander than, in some ways, even more than the fans. And then the fans and the other teams combined was pretty cool. GAILYNNE (Dean’s Wife): We just got to do what we got to do to survive. Every day is a new day, every moment’s a new day. Just when he’s healing, it was more of me just trying to keep the family running; going to work, taking them to school, looking after him, getting him out of bed. That was a lot of years. SGT IRVINE: I hit a point where, all of a sudden, between medications and treatment I was running... not running, but moving forward really quick, and I was like, ‘holy smokes, nobody’s keeping up with me’ because I’m thinking of the family. I think we’re all going to be at the same speed and then I had to slow down. So, there’s a lot of adjusting that way and it was probably extremely confusing to a lot of people I know because all of a sudden it was like somebody hit a light switch and my life had changed and I started to pick up a lot of what I lost, or took advantage of the new things I was learning. So it’s been pretty cool. REBECCA (Dean & Gailynne’s Daughter): We’re always going to be a close family and we’re always going to love one another. Share our Team Canada pride. A message from the Government of Canada.

Sergeant (Retired) Dean Irvine (Team Canada Member)

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October 24, 2018

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